Senior Software Engineer

Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England


The opportunity

We’re looking for a motivated and enthusiastic individual to join our talented software development team. We need someone who is passionate about developing great software, has a talent for problem solving and loves technology. As a Software Developer you’ll find yourself covering all aspects of our Agile software development lifecycle and of course you’ll be elbow deep in code.

Working for Aerial Motion Pictures (Fly ICARUS) you’ll have the opportunity to shape how and what we deliver and the technology(ies) we utilise. The ideal Candidate will be comfortable heading up a small team and helping to develop other, junior engineers.

About you

You are a dedicated and resourceful engineer with an understanding of what it means to work with a production system, and an understanding of Agile processes, particularly Continuous Delivery. You have experience building Single Page Applications, Mobile Applications, or both. You have experience working with an interpreted server side language such as NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, or similar. You consider yourself a perfectionist, delivering pixel perfect implementations of complex design specs. You are a dedicated professional who holds and researches opinions on a wide variety of technologies and theories, such as the CAP triangle, authentication schemes, soundness vs completeness, or the multiple models of asynchronicity contained in Javascript. You are humble, know when to ask for help, and enjoy learning alongside your team. Most importantly, you are excited to become a great engineer, and thrive in a position of responsibility.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with a production system, utilizing Agile processes such as: Code Review on Github, Pair Programming, Continuous Delivery to Heroku, Unit Testing and end-to-end testing.

  • Plan and estimate work on a weekly basis

  • Build Single Page and Mobile Applications, Web Servers, and other relevant systems

  • Use NodeJS, React Native, Redux, Flow, Babel/ES2017, Postgres, Kotlin and Swift.

  • Proactively research new technologies and bring them to the team to help maintain our edge

  • Help to maintain a stable production system by responding to live issues

  • Teach / Mentor junior members, as you help grow the development team

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work. They are not a comprehensive list of all responsibilities, duties, or skills required.

Our Stack

  • NodeJS (with ExpressJS)

  • Postgres

  • React Native + Redux

  • Babel/ES2017

  • FlowJS

  • Heroku

  • CircleCI

  • Github

  • Kotlin/Java

  • Swift/ObjectiveC

  • PHP

  • Laravel


Minimum Requirements

  • 3+ years of professional Full Stack Software Engineering Experience

  • Exposure to React and a backend technology
    Exposure to NodeJS and a frontend technology

  • Exposure to SQL

  • Authorised to work in the UK

Ideal Experience/Qualifications

  • Familiarity with both NodeJS and React

  • Familiarity with Mobile development, preferably by way of React Native + Redux

  • Familiarity with Kotlin/Java/Swift/ObjectiveC

  • Familiarity with type systems and type theory, particularly FlowJS

  • Familiarity with Agile best practices in general and Continuous Delivery in particular

  • Strong Postgres knowledge

  • Open source contributions or other community engagement

  • Experience working at a small startup

  • A BSc in Computer Science/Mathematics or a related field



  • Competitive salary

  • Pension: we offer a full auto-enrollment workplace pension for all employees who want it

Work-life balance

  • Large amounts of autonomy and empowerment in your work

  • Holidays: we offer 28 days of holiday per annum, including bank holidays

  • Flexible working / working from home: we don’t have fixed working hours, some of our team start at 8am, others at 10am. We trust you to establish an effective working pattern that allows you to excel in your role and makes you a great team member

Learning & Development

  • Books, courses and conference budgets for all employees


  1. Send your CV and covering letter to

  2. We will schedule you for an initial 30 minute meeting with Matt Williams (our MD)

  3. If we’re interested in moving forwards, you’ll be asked to provide some examples of your work and given a simple coding exercise to work on and deliver a solution to us.