Get your PfCO with our Drone Training Courses

To get your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO for short) or more commonly known as a Drone License, then you will have to attend a CAA approved course such as ICARUS (by Aerial Motion Pictures).

If you are asking yourself 'Why do I need a drone license?', then the very simple answer is that it is a legal requirement if you want to make money from using your drone.

Ex-RAF Helicopter Instructor Matt Williams designed the ICARUS drone course in 2015 and had flown Helicopters and Drones all over the world. The ICARUS team is supported by Flight Instructors who fly on Film and TV sets as well as being experts in the field of Industrial Inspections.

We have 2 courses designed to lead you through to your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) that start with 2 days of ground school.

Check out our 2 Day ICARUS Standard and our 2 Day ICARUS Pro Fast Track.

Some of our clients & partners

Some of our clients & partners


£999 inc. VAT

ICARUS Standard

2 Day Drone Course

+ Flight Examination


£1499 inc. VAT


2 Day Drone Course

+ Flight Examination

+ Online Night Course

+ Operations Manual

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