What is a drone Operations Manual?

One of the most important stages of your PfCO drone training journey is writing an Operations Manual (OM). This document basically explains to the CAA how you will conduct yourself when you are out working commercially.

What goes into an Operations Manual?

Important sections need to be explained from Safety training & Nominated Personnel through to Aircraft Systems & Incident Reporting. Flight Planning, Procedures & Emergencies also need to be covered along with all the necessary documentation needed for commercial Operations. Information about the operations you will be undertaking, the aircraft you will be flying & the pilots you will be using will also need to be included.

How do I layout the Operations Manual?

The Operations Manual can be laid out in any style but there are two main layouts that are more commonly used. The first layout is the standard CAA template and this is the layout that we recommend you use. The second is the CAA Operational Safety Case (OSC) template which some training companies insist you use. This template is actually too detailed for a standard PfCO application however, the choice is yours.

The Operations Manual can either be written by yourself or written by a 3rd party company of your choice. The document can be rather large, between 40 to 50 pages long and this can be rather daunting for many people. We recommend Open Sky Consulting as many of our students have used their services and speak very highly of them. They also provide the Operations Manual for our ICARUS Pro students.

What happens to the Operations Manual?

At the end of the process we will submit your application along with your Operations Manual. The CAA will then check all the documents and finally sign off on your PfCO.

However you decide to complete your Operations Manual, please make sure you read and understand all the processes and documentation. Failure to comply with the content of your Operations Manual may lead to your PfCO & Insurance becoming invalid.