What is an Operations Evaluation?

An Operations Evaluation (OE) is your Drone Flight Test. During your Operations Evaluation we will be assessing your competency as a drone pilot and reviewing your understandings of how to safely plan and complete a flight operation.

Without this your NQE (Aerial Motion Pictures) can not put forward your recommendation to the CAA for your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations).

You will first need complete the Theory Ground School of your drone course before you can take your Operations Evaluation.

What can I expect from my Operations Evaluation?

We've designed our Operations Evaluation (OE) to be a simple as possible. On our course we provide you with an Operations Evaluation planning guide to ensure that you know how to plan for any flight operation. This can then be relayed back to the examiner during your briefing. You'll also be given access to our Manoeuvres guide video in advance to make sure you get plenty of practice in.

Operations Evaluation

The Operations Evaluation is broken down into 4 parts and lasts approximately 2 hours (available as an AM/PM slot)

  • On-Site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • Brief the instructor
  • Practical Assessment
    • Mock Flight Operation
    • Manouvers
  • Result & De-Brief


What do I need to bring to my Operations Evaluation?

OE photo.jpg

It is essential prior to turning up to your Operations Evaluation that you are prepared so make sure you get everything in place beforehand. For your Operations Evaluation you will need to bring:

  • Your aircraft (Make sure it is unlocked for the relevant flight space)
  • Adequate charged aircraft batteries
  • Your 'smart' device (if required)
  • Insurance cover for the day
  • Relevant flight planning paperwork
  • First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher plus any other safety equipment you may require, as per your Operations Manual

What happens if I fail my Operations Evaluation?

Don't worry if you don't pass your Operations Evaluation, however learn from the experience and take in all the advice from your examiner. Re-watch the Manoeuvres video, go out and practice with your drone, read your Operations Manual and practice planning Flight Operations.

When you feel confident that you are ready for your Operations Evaluation call us and re-book.


Questions about your Operations Evaluation?