Exclusive ICARUS Drone Qualification Course in partnership with the National Film and Television School (NFTS)

As gear has got smaller, lighter and more sophisticated, Aerial Filming no longer always has to involve expensive helicopters and static cranes. Production companies are increasingly using drones to nail those shots that require dramatic panoramas, adrenaline-filled action sequences, 360-degree views of subjects or literal birds’ eye views.

Unlike full-sized helicopters, drones can also get down to ground level, with smaller shadows and less air disturbance. These are qualities that are particularly useful for TV and Film, to capture everything from a body on the side of the road for a small Independent Film to showing Tower Bridge and the London skyline for BBC News and Television programmes.

Shots like these are impressive, however, without drone technology they would be a lot more complicated – and more expensive. 

The National Film and Television School attracts the best students, tutors and film-makers from across the globe. Their graduates have won and been nominated for a vast number of Oscars, BAFTAs and Emmys. Our new course is designed for NFTS Students to earn their CAA Drone Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) whilst receiving media-centric training, tailored to NFTS clientele.

Known for being the best training in the business, the ICARUS courses have been carefully compiled by former military pilot instructors and are delivered by experienced drone operators. The ICARUS NFTS is a three-day course which features;

  • Two days of ground school including mandatory CAA Training & CAA Theory Exam
  • Additional day of training which includes:
    • Night Flying Theory Course - So you can operate your drone legally at night
    • CAA Submission Completion - To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible by the CAA
    • Operational Evaluation Demonstration (Weather Permitting) - You will be shown by one of our Flight Examiners what flying manoeuvres you will be required to perform when you return for your flight test; allowing you to train efficiently!
    • Remote Camera Control Workshop - Learn the techniques we utilise for clients around the globe in Film, TV and Live Broadcast from our qualified in-house Camera Operators
    • Advanced Planning for Media Work - An additional module exposing you to the methods we use to plan for operations in complex environments

The course fee also includes a review of your Operations Manual and your initial Flight Test fee


What’s left to complete once I leave?


Operations Manual & flight test


We'll deal with your CAA Submission on your behalf and you will just need to wait until the CAA issue you with your PfCO!

From £1499



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Testimonial for ICARUS PRO Course 1st March 2017

Testimonial for ICARUS PRO Course 1st March 2017