Gimbals are now an invaluable asset to cinematography, enabling film makers to capture smooth yet dynamic shots. Whether mounted on a drone or car, or just hand held, it's essential that the camera and gimbal is optimally balanced and configured to deliver the desired shot, first and every time.

The Freefly MoVI is one of the best gimbals on the market, with the M5, M10 and M15 geared towards ever heavier and capable camera systems. It's extremely precise balance, and vast range of options to configure, can make it a daunting system at first.

Our instructors have used the MoVI across the world on a huge range of projects, both hand-held and from Freefly's incredible ALTA 8. We're here to help you achieve your vision, and master the MoVI.

Our 1 day MoVI training course runs from 10am - 4pm, and can be taken 1-to-1, or in a group.


  • How to choose your MoVI
    • Learn which MoVI is best suited to you. This is great for those of you who don't already have a Freefly MoVI M5, M10 or M15.
  • How to balance your MoVI
    • Every millimetre counts. Learn how to optimally balance your gimbal.
  • How to program your MoVI
    • We'll guide you through the menus to set up the right settings.
  • How to use your MoVI
    • Learn industry techniques to make your footage silky smooth.
    • Learn to master Majestic mode.
  • How to use the MoVI Controller
    • Get hands on with this controller, and see how 2 or 3 man teams can unleash a new world of creativity.
  • Using your MoVI on a drone
    • Let your imagination soar. We can show you how to attach a MoVI to Freefly's ALTA, and capture your vision from exciting new perspectives. 



£299 - One to One training

£149 - Group Training (per person)


Call us on 0845 450 9300 or choose one of the options below.


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