A leading light within the international aviation community with deep seated roots within the unmanned training and operational delivery sectors.

Matt has built a number of successful businesses centered around the ever evolving unmanned aircraft space.

He continues to manage an ever growing team at the UKs leading unmanned aircraft training and operations company and also consults at the very highest levels in the sector in order to help explore and deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to problems faced by both regulatory bodies worldwide and those looking to exploit options to operate within regulatory frameworks.

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Public Speaker

An accomplished public speaker, with a vast amount of experience across different media, Matt is often called upon by organisations such as the British Broadcasting Company(BBC), SKY and other independent television and radio companies to deliver expert informational and opinion based pieces.

Championing drone safety

Currently championing 'drone safety' Matt is lobbying for change and seeking the introduction of a 'drone-register' within the UK in order to provide a level of both security and culpability for operators and the general public. He hopes that by doing so, this relatively simple change will ensure the longevity of the unmanned aircraft industry.

Military Helicopter Pilot & Instructor

Prior to embarking upon his business journey, Matt was a military helicopter pilot and Instructor/Examiner with 1800+ hours TT in various types, both Single Pilot, Single Turbine and Multi-Crew, Multi Engine Turbine. 

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He was a Qualified Helicopter Instructor in the Royal Air Force (CFI/CFII/TRI/TRE/IRI/IRE) instructing and examining on:

  • Puma Mk1(AS330)

  • Airbus Helicopters Puma Mk2(AS330/AS332L2 and EC225)

  • Airbus Helicopters Squirrel(AS350 B1/B2)

  • Bell 'Griffin'(412EP).

He is also a Aviation Human Factors Facilitator, Crew Resource Management Instructor and an experienced 'Bowtie XP' Risk Analysis and Mitigation Practitioner.