Training for Pilots with a current PPL to achieve your Permission for Commercial Operation (from the CAA) in the UK  


What is the TOP UP COURSE?

For pilots with a current PPL, CPL, microlight or gliding qualification, military experience, or equivalent listed under CAP722 page 47 (check here), we offer a ‘top up' course. You will get access to our E-Learning platform with access to over 8 hours of video learning. There is no requirement to take a theory exam, but you will be required to perform an Operational Evaluation with your unmanned aircraft at a later date, like other ICARUS students.

Additionally, as part of our ‘Top-Up’ course, you’ll also get an Operations Manual provided by Open Sky Consulting, the UK’s experts in Operational Manuals and Safety Cases.

What is the timetable?


  • Air Law
  • Principles of Flight (PoF)
  • Metereology
  • Airspace and Operating Principles
  • Operations Manual & Risk Assessment
  • Human Factors
  • Operator Responsibilities & Airmanship
  • Li-Po Batteries
  • Navigation

PRACTICAL TEST (included in course price - to be booked at a later date determined by pilot proficiency)

2 Hour AM/PM

  • On-Site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • Brief the instructor
  • Practical Assesment
  • Result & De-Brief

Operations Manual

  • Simply fill in the Return for Information form we send you and a consultant will contact you if they require any more information.
  • Your Operations Manual will be delivered within 10 working days.

What is not included?