Due to popularity and demand in the forever growing UAV market, Aerial Motion Pictures are proud to announce the launch of a new course for pilots wanting to earn their PfCO. The course centres around pilots becoming aerial     operation experts quickly and efficiently. Based on the structure of our ICARUS Standard Course; which now involves  two days of ground school, theory exam and a mutually convenient date for completion of the Operational Evaluation,the ICARUS PRO has an additional day of training. The additional day includes Night Permissions Course, Operations Manual Workshop (so candidates can leave with a completed Operations Manual), Operational Evaluation Demonstration and Small Training Drone. We will also guide each pilot through their SRG1320 form and candidates will receive ICARUS Pro Merchandise, ID Card and the opportunity to be featured on the ICARUS Pro website. Featuring profiles of each PRO pilot, the website will be used exclusively as a sharing platform. 

We are excited at the prospect of extending this community for pilots, to encourage discussion, job sharing  and first and foremost flight safety. 


Click on the pin board to find out more about our Pro Pilots!

Click on the pin board to find out more about our Pro Pilots!

From the very beginning of my enquiry, through 
emails and phone calls, the team at Fly ICARUS 
were incredibly friendly, helpful and professional. 
I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the ICARUS Pro 
Course and I was genuinely inspired by the training 
delivered, since completion I now know that I have 
full confidence to put all that I have learnt into 
safe practice.
— Jeff Young, Walthamstow, London.