The ICARUS Standard course is one of the most competitively priced courses around and has been carefully compiled by former military pilots and delivered by experienced operators; making it the most desirable too! This two-day course features; two days of ground school including the CAA UAS Theory Exam), an Operations Manual review and a flying skills test (which we call an Operational Evaluation[OE]) on a date which suits you.

For pilots who wish to earn their PfCO quickly, efficiently, and set themselves apart from the numerous commercial 'drone' pilots out there, the new ICARUS PRO course is for you!

The ICARUS PRO course centres around pilots becoming aerial operation experts. Based on the layout of the ICARUS Standard, the ICARUS Pro has an additional day which covers the following subjects and includes a full Night Permissions Course;

Night Permissions Course, Operations Manual Workshop, Operational Evaluation Demonstration and Small Training Drone. AMP’s instructors will also guide each candidate through the completion of the CAA's SRG1320 form (your application to the CAA for the issue of a Permission for Commercial Operation). 

Candidates will receive ICARUS Pro Merchandise an ID Card and the opportunity to be featured on the ICARUS Pro Webpage. Featuring profiles of each ICARUS Pro Pilot, the website will be used to highlight ICARUS Qualified UAV Operators & each ICARUS Pro Pilot will have a photograph, bio and link to their website featured on their 'pin' on the map!


Want to read a first hand account from an icarus pro pilot? Scroll down to read a Testimonial written by ben hoy-slot!


Operations Manual Workshop

A well-written and 'solid' Operations Manual is key to conducting safe and efficient flight operations. All ICARUS Pro Candidates will leave the ICARUS Pro Course having completed their Operations Manual and with all paperwork in place and ready to submit to the CAA upon completion of their flight test (OE). Provided by a third party company who are experts at writing technical aviation documentation, each ICARUS Pro candidate will create a manual which is tailored to the individual's operational requirements, ways of working and satisfies the CAA's requirements as land down in CAP 722. 

Night Permissions Theory Course

Included in the ICARUS PRO course is our much revered; Night Rating Course. Our night course has proven extremely popular with both previous ICARUS students and those who have attended other NQE's. Our Night Rating Course now comes as standard for all ICARUS PRO candidates. 

Operational Evaluation Demonstration

One of the most regular questions we get asked during the ICARUS Standard Course is "What am I required to do in order to pass my OE?". This short module will expose ICARUS Pro Pilots to the minimum equipment required for the OE and what manoeuvres they will need to fly competently in ATTI Mode in order to achieve a first time pass!

SRG1320 Completion Workshop

To help with another daunting process and drastically reduce the potential for timely errors in the application process (which often causes huge delays to the CAA issuing operators with their Permission for Commercial operations) your instructor will guide you through completing the CAA SRG 1320 Form. You will be guided though the process, quickly, efficiently and correctly completing the CAA SGR 1320 Form, thus ensuring everything is ready for your CAA submission when the time arrives.  

Small Training Drone

To help improve your flying skills, all ICARUS PRO Pilots receive a small 'practice' drone as part of the package. This enables you, as an ICARUS PRO Pilot, to practice without the fear of damaging your expensive aerial platform! The aircraft you will receive is great for indoor flying, which means you don't have to waste time waiting for fine weather, or daylight during winter.

ICARUS Pro Merchandise

An ICARUS Pro Thermal Travel Mug, ICARUS PRO USB Memory Stick and ICARUS PRO Branded Laptop Bag are also included to help keep you hydrated, organised and looking professional when engaging with clients.

ICARUS Pro Framed Certificate and ID Card

Your ICARUS Pro Theory Certificate will be presented to you in a frame along with an ICARUS Pro ID Card. The ID card will display your photo, qualification and expiry date, again, re-emphasising your professional approach and status whilst providing an audible 'check' of your credentials to be made back to ICARUS HQ should a member of the public request it.

Included on our ICARUS Pro Pilot pages

Have your name and/or business advertised on our live ICARUS Pro Map! Exclusively for ICARUS Pro Pilots; your location, along with a picture and short bio will be added to our ICARUS Pro Map so that anyone searching for a qualified drone Pilot near to you can get in touch!

What’s left to complete once I leave? 

Just your flight test….. that’s it!

We'll deal with your CAA Submission on your behalf and you will just need to wait until the CAA issue you with your PfCO!




ICARUS Standard (2 day Theory + Operational Evaluation) - £999 inc. VAT

ICARUS Pro (3 day Theory + Operational Evaluation) - £1699 inc. VAT

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I am definitely someone who does their research when it comes to investing in something - especially when that something directly affects my abilities. And I must say I am happy I did. At first I was considering some of the slightly cheaper options available that offer ‘online learning’ at your own pace, meaning there is no need to attend a physical class. It quickly became clear that the knowledge of the pilots and ex-military head at Aerial Motion Pictures made the ICARUS course stand out amongst the crowd.

The team at AMP are a tight-knit group of colleagues, and also friends. This creates a great environment within which to learn about the ins-and-outs of aviation, not only for UAVs but also manned aircraft and our interaction with them as well. Everyone has something they can offer, from flying experience and skill, to helpful hints on anything from insurance to kit hire etc, and everyone is so easy to talk to and engage with.

The course itself is always going to be difficult to make completely riveting. At the end of the day, it is a lot of information that needs to be communicated in quite a short space of time. But Tom Pattison, their Deputy Chief Instructor and our teacher, made it flow really well and was extremely attentive to any questions along the way. The regular breaks, and the structure of the subjects breaks up the information well and I never felt myself feeling overwhelmed by information or boredom! If you are interested in flying drones, you will find every aspect of this course interesting, as I did. The information and the course has been specifically designed so that absolutely everything is directly applicable to how we will be working and using our skills when in the field.

Above all, it was the confidence I had in the knowledge and experience of the team that made the course as great as it was. I feel I have truly been given the best training available in the UK right now, and I know that if I ever had any problems, I would have a team of people at AMP that would be more than happy to help me out!

Highly recommended and all the best when you decide to go for it! Thank you again to the Aerial Motion Pictures Team!
— Ben Hoy-Slot