Drone training course to achieve your approval to fly at night


We offer £100 discount to ICARUS candidates 

What is the Night Approval Module?

Day 1 (Only)

9.30am - 2pm

  • Intro & Air Law
  • Human Factors
  • Operational Processes
  • Aircraft Set up for Night Flying
  • Flight Test on in house simulator

We deliver specialist training for operators who wish to fly their drone at night, for commercial projects.

The ICARUS NIGHT FLIGHT MODULE is delivered by Former Military Helicopter Pilots with over 3000 manned flying hours and 500 UAV flying hours, and the course scrutinises safety to ensure minimal risk in limited or no light. 

The training will take you through the safety procedures for flying at night and each candidate will carry out a practical exam on our in-house simulator. 

What does this course include?


What is not included?

Night Approval can be added to a candidates PfCO at any time, although a submission fee of £173 will need to be made for the CAA to process the addition.

To save money on another submission fee of £173 on top of the initial fee, have a look at our ICARUS PRO Course which includes the NIGHT FLIGHT MODULE in the training. 


How do I book?

If you would like to book, please contact us directly, to discuss a mutually agreeable date and location. 

What is the process to earn your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) ?


Why do I need a commercial drone licence? 

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Why choose ICARUS?

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