Specialist ICARUS Drone Qualification Course using the eBee: senseFly SA in the UK


What is the ICARUS EBEE Course?

The eBee is a professional mapping drone with can be used for a variety of projects and across many industries. This fully autonomous drone can be used to capture high-resolution aerial photos that you can transform into accurate orthomosaics & 3D models. Throughout this course we will go through the different stages to carry out operations and projects using this specialist equipment. The eBee is the easiest to use professional drone on the market, used by thousands of customers around the world. To launch it, you just throw the eBee into the air! It then flies, captures images and lands itself. However you can always alter its flight plan or land manually if required. 

What is an EBEE?

The eBee is a fixed wing aircraft which has a flight time of up to 45 minutes allowing to cover areas of up to 10 sq km in a single flight. With its 16 MP camera it can shoot aerial imagery at down to 3cm/pixel resolution. The images can then be used to create maps and elevation models with a precision of 5cm. 

'Collects aerial photography of 1-10 sq km in a single flight at down to 5cm precision.'

How do I book?

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Why do I need a commercial drone licence? 

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