Bespoke PfCO Drone Training courses for your company


Bespoke drone training course to achieve your Permission for Commercial Operation in the UK  


Who needs a Bespoke Drone Training Course?

If your company or organisation needs to get multiple members of the team CAA certified to fly a drone then you may request a bespoke solution from Fly ICARUS.

  • Police forces

  • Government departments

  • Large organisations

  • Education faculties

  • Emergency Services

Organisations that may benefit from this and have done so in the past are:




How is a Bespoke solution different from your Standard or Pro courses?

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First of all we can come to you for your Theory Ground School. If you have facilities on site or nearby we can host our courses on dates that suit you.

We can also provide your team members flight training to get them accustomed to flying a drone.

Additionally we can tailor modules bespoke to your industry.

What can the Bespoke course include?

Our bespoke courses can include as little or as many of these training features, upon request of the company. We can create bespoke courses which are perfect for your need and industry. Here are many of course features we already have on offer to help create the ultimate training. Give us a call on 01491 526 700 to discuss further!



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What is not included? 

  • Fee to CAA (Currently £252)

  • Insurance

How do I book?

If you would like to book, please contact us directly.