How much is insurance?

Specific aviation insurance is essential to securing your Operational Evaluation and therefore PfCO. There are a number of providers including Coverdrone and Moonrock who consider a number of factors to determine your cost. To give you an idea, an Inspire 1 costs roughly £700 per year.

Do I have to renew my certificate every year?

You only have to pay the Civil Aviation Authority to renew your PfCO. Unlike other NQEs, you do not need to pay us to resit or renew your certificate each year.

Do I have to pay extra to fly a different aircraft within the same weight category?

Absolutely not. Assuming the other aircraft is in the same weight category as your PfCO (e.g. 0-7kg), simply add the aircraft and its specifications to your Operations Manual and only send it to the CAA upon your annual renewal.

Where can I stay during the ICARUS Ground School?

There are plenty of lovely places to stay nearby. We will provide you with our recommended accommodation list in your Joining Instructions.

Do I need to bring my drone?

There is no need to bring your drone to the ground school. The Operational Evaluation however, requires you to fly your own drone. You cannot rent ours for the flight assessment. This is to ensure you are proficient using the aircraft you intend to operate commercially with.


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