Get THE best start in the drone industry with our ICARUS ‘Business Starter Bundles’ and save £££’s!

Our ICARUS ‘Business Starter Bundles’ provide incredible value for money and are designed to help get your business ‘off the ground’ in the most efficient way.

We’ve used our years of experience to craft these packages to give you the best start when it comes to creating and growing a successful drone business.

We’re not just here to sell you a ‘drone in a box’ and get you through a CAA PfCO Course! Our ‘Business Starter Bundles’ provide a wealth of guidance and support, to help get you into a position where you are more capable than operators who complete courses with other providers and give you a head-start in the drone industry.

Drone Equipment Starter Bundle

Get everything you need to deploy and operate with your equipment safely in the field - all of our Business Starter Bundles come with extra batteries and the accessories you need to effectively and safely deploy on the commercial work you are likely to undertake as a commercial drone operator.

If required, we even provide a ‘hard case’ which further helps protect your investment from the rigours of operating outdoors - particularly important in the UK Climate!

‘How to Build a Successful Drone Business’ Seminar Ticket

All of our Business Starter Bundles come with a ticket included for our highly acclaimed ‘How to Build a Successful Drone Business’ seminars which are currently held once a month at various locations throughout the UK.

During this 2 hour, invitation only seminar, you will get the opportunity to meet and learn from Matt Williams; founder of the ICARUS Training Course. Matt is THE industry business leader, and one of the world's leading film and live TV heavy lift drone operators.

During this informal seminar, Matt will discuss and explore the following concepts with you, all of which will help you to get your drone business off to the best start;

  • Business Planning

  • Drone Platforms

  • The PfCO

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing

  • The Customer Journey

What is Drone Flight Training?

ICARUS Drone Flight Training is one-on-one tuition with one of our highly qualified and experienced ICARUS Instructors, all of which are also CAA Flight Examiners.

This training is entirely practical and will take place outside, in an area which ICARUS have full permissions to use. Conducted on your drone, so that you can become confident in its operation and how to fly your own equipment, our one-to-one flight training sessions can help to bring your abilities on in leaps and bounds!

What are the main benefits?

  • Learn how to fly safely, right from day one

  • Gain tips and techniques from an ICARUS, CAA Flight Examiner and progress towards becoming a more advanced operator

  • Ask any questions about your drone and the process of the Practical Flight Assessment

  • Feel confident and ready for the Practical Flight Assessment (Operational Evaluation)

ICARUS Pro, CAA PfCO Course (Includes Completed Operations Manual)

The ICARUS Pro Course is our ultimate drone drone training course package that leads through to you attaining your PfCO from the CAA.

You will sit a 2 day theory course in a classroom at one of our training centres which will culminate in a written exam.

You will also get access to our invaluable ICARUS Resource Library, giving you a wealth of E-Learning and downloadable resources.

On successfully completing the theory course, you will be given access to additional learning to help you understand how to safely fly your drone at night.

You will then have to complete a practical flying assessment with your drone. As part of this package, we also provide 5 hours of FREE insurance (we advise you to save 1 hour for your Flight Examination) to allow you to practice for and attend your Flight Examination!

Upon completion of your Flight Examination, your Operations Manual will be completed by our partners at Open Sky Consulting who will work with you to quickly and efficiently produce a CAA Approved Operations Manual which is ready for us to sign off for you - all it takes is for you to complete an online form and answer any additional questions they may have, over the telephone!

When you have completed all 3 elements of the course (Theory Exam, Practical Exam and Operations Manual) you will be awarded your CAA NQE Recommendation Certificate which you will then use to apply for your PfCO from the CAA - we’ll guide you through the application process too, step-by-step.

Fill out the form below and one of the team will contact you as soon as we can to get you up to speed!