Where can ICARUS (UK) Drone Pilots fly in Europe? 

Once you've completed your ICARUS Course and you have received your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) quite a few pilots want to know where they can in Europe. Interested - follow this link to read about drone laws in France, Germany, Italy etc....


The rules below were correct in April 2017 and are just a summary, not an exhaustive list of all regulations. Aside from a few specifics, they are much the same as the UK. In general, be sensible and don't fly over groups of people, over cities or near airports. As long as you don't endanger people, buildings or vehicles, you should be ok. But always check the latest regulations and rules in local parks before you fly. 


·       Keep the drone in your line of sight and below 500ft at all times

·       Maintain a safe distance from people and vehicles and never fly over crowds

·       Don’t fly near to airfields, ensure you are at least 5km away (15km for larger sites)

·       No flying over ‘strategic sites’ such a power plants, national monuments or military bases without receiving prior permission

·       Do not fly your drone at night

·       Don’t use the drone’s camera to record people or vehicles without permission and never store or distribute footage without the subject’s explicit agreement


·       Keep the drone within sight of the pilot, (200-300m). Some areas restrict the height of such flights to between 30 and 100m, so check with local authorities.

·       Don't fly within 1.5km of airports

·       The government district in Berlin is a no-fly zone

·       Drones under 5kg have are exempt from specific legal aviation requirements

·       You need permission to fly above military installations, power plants, industrial zones, accident scenes and large crowds


·       Keep the drone in your line of sight and below 120m (400ft) at all times

·       Don't fly over groups of people at parks, beaches, concerts, processions, crowds etc

·       Don’t fly near to airfields or aerodromes

·       No flying over urban zones, such as cities

·       Do not fly at night

Here's a helpful map of Spain's no-fly zones



·       Fly below 230ft

·       Keep the drone within 490ft horizontally

·       You may not fly your drone over densely populated areas, crowds, beaches, national parks, railways, roads or industrial plants

·       Fly at least 8km away from aerodromes

·       Do not fly at night

·       You must fly at least 50m away from people or property

·       You must have third party insurance

·       Do not carry dangerous goods on your drone


[Disclaimer] This is purely a guideline to what to expect from other countries. We advise that you contact the aviation authority for the specific country and do more in-depth research before embarking on any jobs.