ICARUS Ambassador Raymond Hosie - 'Using Video For The First Time'

I've been a stills photographer for a number of years, and although I had owned several cameras capable of shooting video, I never really had much of an interest in it, except for a few clips at family events or if I was on holiday. 

This all changed when I bought my first camera equipped quadcopter (fc40). I suddenly realised what a huge difference in perspective the quadcopter could offer, and how some very familiar local landmarks took on a whole new life when you viewed from above, I was also really keen to share this with others too, as soon as I began sharing photos and videos online everyone in the local community loved it and I was keen to shoot more and more. 

 Almost as soon as I began to shoot video though I quickly found that  I was going to have to edit all of these,  as the fc40 camera was fitted with a microphone the howl of the motors just wouldn't do as a soundtrack! 

I found that the creator studio on YouTube has a great library of royalty free music which can be searched by mood, theme and even the duration of the track! Very handy. 

Then onto the videos themselves,  a friend of mine lent me his copy of Sony Vegas Pro and that's where the learning process really began! I spent hours learning all about the different aspects and capabilities of this program from online tutorials,covering everything from transitions, animation masking and a whole lot more.

I've really taken to videography now and have filmed a few local events in my home town, culminating with recently producing  a music video for a singer /songwriter friend of mine, and it all started because of the quadcopter!