ICARUS Ambassador Ryan Howell - ICARUS Course Testimonial

I attended Fly Icarus HQ near Oxford towards the end of February to start my journey towards achieving my PfCO with the CAA.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I read as much as I could before I got there, using the Fly Icarus’ websiteand blog entries as a starting point. I’m glad I did, because I felt better prepared for the two day course, as much as I could be anyway!

I travelled there on the morning of the course, arriving early enough to get breakfast and a coffee before heading to the site, which is beautiful!

I was warmly welcomed by Ella and Gail and there was coffee waiting for all of the students.

We were in a fortunate position to have Matt Williams as our course instructor for the two days. Matt is the Company Director and has a huge amount of experience and knowledge on all things aviation. I could pick his brains for days.

The course was very well structured and the pace was perfect, giving us enough time to take things in, ask questions, have discussions and work on some group exercises. The mix of these different things meant that the whole group were engaged the whole time.

All of the students were from a mix of backgrounds, from production, architecture, Armed Forces, Emergency Services and even some foreign students. This variety meant we could all learn something from each other and we did as the course progressed.

I left the course at the end of day two after learning a great deal of knowledge and having a real great understanding of some things I wasn’t sure of before.

Now I just need to work on my Ops Manual and then come back for my flight evaluation.

I’d recommend the course to anyone thinking of working towards the PfCO, it’s clearly a cut above the rest.