ICARUS Ambassador Ryan Howell - Course Preparation

I’m the fifth Icarus Ambassador. That’s something I never thought I’d write down.

I posted my photo of Skogafoss (popular Iceland waterfall) onto Fly Icarus’ Facebook wall thinking that’d be as far as it goes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m sure my friends and family were fed up with my constant requests to share and like my photo. It obviously paid off!

I won December’s competition and I’m going to Aerial Motion Pictures on the 27/28th of this month. What’s made the wait feel even longer is the fact that I haven’t been able to fly very much due to the weather. It hasn’t stopped me taking my Phantom 4 with me everywhere I go.

I absolutely love the photographs that others capture with their own aerial platforms and I’ve been looking at as many photos as I can. I got the below book for Christmas so I’ve been looking through that at every chance I get.

I’ve prepared for the course the best I can. I’ve downloaded everything I need for the course onto my iPad and I’ve read it twice! I’ve booked a hire car and a hotel room nearby.

I’m looking forward to the course and learning everything I can whilst I’m there. I feel very lucky to have won the competition and now I’m a step closer to getting my PfCO.

Ryan Howell