ICARUS Ambassador Ricky Evans - Receiving his PfCO!

The highest (pardon the pun) point of this month came on the 17th of May when I received my confirmation from the CAA that my application had been approved and I was officially a certified pilot!! The sad news is that a couple of days before I had been approached to carry out a job locally!! A lady wanted some pictures taken of the land behind her house to see how best to go about building some runs for her horses and other animals. Still never one to miss an opportunity I carried out the work for her regardless. During our conversation we talked about my impending certification and how I couldn’t charge her as I didn’t have my commercial license but was happy to do the work ‘as a bit of promotion’ within the area. The job was really simple, up take some pictures and back down again producing about 15 images for her including a nice image of her house and the land she owns. I’m happy to say that she was delighted with the images but was not content without me leaving with a couple of jars of homemade jam and some free range eggs she had made herself! (well not the eggs!) Hopefully no-one will call this commercial gain although I may put on a couple of pounds if I eat all the Jam!! Luckily enough my first EVER paid job came through a couple of days after I had officially received my licence. A local businessman has been building a whisky distillery in my local area and called to say that the stills were being delivered and could I come and cover the installation on the ground and in the air. I had already produced a video of the site some months ago so had already undergone a site health and safety briefing and apart from filling in the necessary paperwork, I was ready to go! Again the job was fairly straightforward and the video should be up at www.lindoresabbeydistillery.com the site is also really interesting and tells the story of the first monks to EVER make whisky back in the 13th century.

Looking forward I have a rather tricky wedding to film from the air next month. The bride is wanting her arrival done completely from the air as she will be arriving in an open top Porsche! The venue is surrounded by trees however and I have already started my forward planning to ensure she gets the shots she needs……yes I have started praying to the rain gods!!

My website is still in development and should be live within the next month although I’m having some teething issues with the content and how it is laid out. I also need to improve my marketing strategy for Rickford Lyndon Aerial and really start to promote the business locally. No rest for the wicked!!!!