ICARUS Ambassador Ricky Evans - Operational Evaluation Preparation

So this month I am happy to say that I eventually finished my Operations Manual. It took longer than I was expecting but I was determined to get the wording of certain sections suitable for the work I will be carrying out in the coming months. I have also been preparing job booklets including everything I will need for my first client from pre-site surveys to risk assessments all in one handy booklet that I can take on the job with me.  Another onerous but needed task was preparing my flight reference cards which I would love to say are in handy pocket sized form but sadly my admin skills aren’t up to it so they will have to remain in A4 size for the time being! (Any budding admin peeps feel free to lend a hand!) I’m happy with how everything is looking but I have time to make improvements where needed. I have also now managed to collect all the gear I need to start my business, lipo safe bags, fire extinguishers and all manner of other accessories have been given a new home in the loft alongside my other camera gear!

On top of all the paperwork needed to obtain my PFCO I have also booked my flight test for the start of next month.  Any fine days here in Scotland I have been out practicing my ATTI flying. I’m slowly but surely getting better and flying the flight paths needed for the exam can be a bit tricky, especially in windy conditions, here’s hoping for a good day in Wallingford!! I have done everything I can to get ready so fingers crossed and hopefully in my blog next month I’ll be able to call myself a PFCO holder.

In amongst all this I have managed to do my first wedding of the year and I am busy editing that for my clients as well working on producing logos for my company and a friends. I also threw together a small video of the footage I have been taking whilst practicing with the drone. If you desire you can watch it here…..




It’s a mix of drone stuff with some handheld osmo and timelapse with a canon 5d featuring some of my favourite areas around where I live and work