ICARUS Ambassador Raymond Hosie - ATTI Mode Practice

Since winning the photo competition back in October, I have been really excited about beginning my course with Fly Icarus.  The Christmas period is a busy time for my photography business, so I decided to wait until the New Year to book onto the course.  This gives me time to research and prepare myself for the course topics, and to arrange my travel and accommodation down to Oxfordshire.  It's a place I have never been to before and I am looking forward to visiting.  

In addition to researching the course I thought it would also be a good idea to brush up on my flying skills (ATTI mode), so on one of the few days with favourable flying conditions, which have been few and far between here in the Scottish Wintertime, I visited Carskiey beach in Southend (Image attached).  It is located at the most Southerly point of the Kintyre Peninsula and from here on a good day there are views of the Ayrshire Coast as well as Northern Ireland.  With the location also being very remote is was perfect for practicing manual flying including take-offs, landings, figures of eights and circuits.

I would like to say I was happy with my level of control in ATTI mode, however, as I almost always fly in GPS mode I did find it more challenging than I expected.  I will definitely be doing some more flying practice in ATTI, with a view to being ready to do the flight test in future.  Between now and that time I will be flying exclusively in ATTI mode on any flights to hone my skills.