ICARUS Ambassador Jeremy Costello - Goals for the year

My goals for this year are mainly to build my aerial photography business, and to grow the Three Counties Drone Flyers group (all while still working full time!)

Since gaining my PfCO in January, I have not really promoted my company much, as I can only fly at weekends at the moment, so taking on commercial work can be difficult to fulfil the customer’s needs at the moment. That said, Winter is almost over and I’m getting more flight time.

I have currently got a few projects lined up, some construction progress documentation, and supplying photos and video for a roof inspection. Also, I’ve had some interest from building companies for future building site surveying.

Soon I will begin promoting my company in the local area, mainly focusing on aerial photography. I am hoping to get involved with local farmers, building companies and estate agents. I will start actively contacting companies to gain work, and advertise via Facebook and my website for local jobs.

I’m practicing some new time-lapse techniques that I have not used before, and also hoping to get into 3d mapping a little bit more. The phantom 4 pro has been a great upgrade for me, giving me the ability to delivery even higher quality results to customers, and get large format prints made.

I’m hoping to travel with the drone a little bit this year, as in the 18 months of flying I have only been within about a 30 mile radius of home! The local club have been discussing a group weekend away somewhere for some great flying and social time together.

I would really love to fly somewhere like the Lake District, as I have stayed there a few times but never with the drone.