ICARUS Ambassador Jeremy Costello - Flying in Marsh Gibbon, near Bicester.

During the Christmas period and the last few weeks, I have not flown as much as I would have liked to, due to work and the weather. But on the few days when I have been able to fly, I’ve been out for some practice, and to meet up with other members of Three Counties Drone Flyers. The last few meetups have been at our flying field in Marsh Gibbon, which is excellent for practice flights, and at a farm just outside of Brill, near Bicester.

The views from Brill are spectacular, with visibility over 30 miles on a clear day!

Generally, the meetups are focussed on being able to fly in a safe environment, with other likeminded drone users, and most importantly have fun.

Apart from the hobby side of flying, I have now started to advertise my aerial photography company in the local area, with a few projects in the pipeline now my PfCO has been granted. I’ve got a little bit of a head start in the Bicester area thanks to my Facebook page where I share all my aerial photos, Bicester From Above.

The next steps for me currently are getting my name out there, and hopefully getting work booked in for the nicer weather seasons.

I’ve also upgraded my drone to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, mainly for the hugely improved camera, but also for the longer flight times and collision avoidance systems (not that I should ever need them!). Now I can earn some money from it, I can justify the cost of the new drone.