ICARUS Ambassador Jamie Edwards - ICARUS Course Testimonial

Winning the ICARUS Ambassador program was a huge honour and was looking forward to the course weeks before I attended. The site was a gorgeous manor house and stables which made the perfect setting for such an exciting course. 

When I arrived we were greeting with a welcome smile and a well needed coffee from Gail and Ella. This was the first time all the students met and was a good chance to introduce and get to know each other. There were a multitude of backgrounds including surveyors, hobbyists and police men. 

Our instructor was Tom who was extremely knowledgeable and was very approachable. Tom explained the history of AMP and how they became market leader in their field. Tom then went on to explain his background in aerial filming and how long he has been training for. 

We were handed a very well played out training manual that outlined the whole course. At first it looked very daunting when I saw sections of the course labelled "Weather' and "Clouds" but Tom soon put us at ease. I cannot stress enough how well structured the material was and how Tom approached teaching was a joy to be a part of it. The day was broken up into small sections with many breaks to absorb the information and grab any refreshments that were required. 

Lunch was around 12/1pm depending on how the course was going and we were treated to a fantastic 3 course meal put on by the staff. There was a multitude of options from cold snacks and sandwiches to hot food such as fish pie and lasagne and all the food was included with the course.

After the first day some of the students decided to go to the local to socialise and get to know each other a bit more while other headed to their hotel and revised the material learnt that day. There are a lot of local hotels near by and some are even listed in the welcome pack that is sent prior the start of the course.

The second day was like being at school again knowing that you have an exam at the end of the day. I am not going to lie, I was a bit nervous as I am not good with tests. I kicked off the second day with a large cup of coffee and started to look over my extensive notes from the previous day. Tom outlined the final days work that included a revision period just before the exam. 

As the day went on the nerves started to build but Tom was ensuring we had the tools and the ability to pass with flying colours. After our revision session we had to leave the room as Tom needed to setup the room for a closed book exam. It was like being back at school with strict conditions. We entered the room and sat down while the rules of the exam were explained to us. We were given an hour to take the test but most finished it in around 40 minutes. The test was multiple choice which really made a difference. 

Safe to say all the students passed and thanks to Tom I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to pursue their PfCO. 

Thank you everyone at Aerial Motion for their help and support.