FLY ICARUS Course Testimonial by ICARUS Ambassador Jeremy Costello

15th - 16th October 

Stables 3, Howbery Park, Wallingford, O10 8BA

After the 40 minute drive from Bicester to Howbery Park, I was pleasantly surprised by the grounds in which Aerial Motion Pictures is situated. With a large manor house, set in beautiful park grounds.

Once inside the stables we had a coffee to warm us up and then went into the classroom. There were only 3 of us on the course which made it feel very personal and direct. After some brief introductions Matt explained the course materials in front of us, and how the course would be run over the 2 days (I chose to take the weekend course due to work commitments).

The course consisted of various modules covering laws and regulations, health and safety measures, principals of flight, and various technology systems used in the drone industry. Matt delivered the information excellentlyin a very direct and easy to follow manner, yet informal enough to not feel bad for asking any questions and talking about experiences and opinions with the other students and of course Matt with his incredible stories from his time spent in the RAF.

On the second day we finished the educational part of the course, and then had a revision session going over everything we had learned from the day before. After a lunch break with some pizza kindly bought for us by Matt, we went back into the classroom for the course theory exam.

Everything was explained to us before we started the exam paper. The exam consisted of multiple choice questions, with 1 ridiculous answer, and generally one answer you could rule out quite easily, leaving a choice of only 2 answers. We had been given all the information needed to pass the exam with no problems.

All 3 of us had finished the exam paper within around 20 minutes, which seemed to go very quickly. The 3 of us waited outside the classroom while Matt marked the papers, we talked amongst ourselves about the exam, discussing questions etc. It was only a few minutes before Matt reappeared and gladly told us we had all passed, with only 1 incorrect answer each!

After a short chat we all said our goodbyes and left for home. I was lucky only being about 40 minutes away, as the other students had come from Essex and Southampton!

This was a bitter-sweet end to the day for me, as on my way home the clutch went in my car!

All in all the course went very well, with friendly staff in a great location. I would highly recommend the Icarus course to anyone thinking of taking the PFCO course.