Do you need insurance before submitting your PfCO?

YES - Just a heads up for you all; as of the 1st March 2017, the CAA have decreed that all persons who are either a) Applying for their initial PfCO or b) Applying for a renewal of their existing PfCO MUST have adequate insurance in place prior to their application being accepted by them.

They are contacting those who are currently in the system whose applications were sent prior to the change in policy but if you believe this may affect you and you are waiting on a permission to be issued, it may be worth getting appropriate insurance and submitting it directly to the CAA to be added to your file.

Fingers crossed not too many people will be caught in the middle ground but there will no doubt be some affected.

It's totally out of our hands I am afraid and we're doing all we can our end to help those affected.

It is also worth noting that there are some insurance policies out there which are not aviation compliant (as discussed on the course). These policies will not be accepted by the CAA as part of your PfCO issue, so check it before you send it!

The Coverdrone and Moonrock policies do, at this time, provide the appropriate levels of cover.

Any more questions? Do not hesitate to give us a call on 01491526700

Please click HERE to view your Completion Guide for the SRG1320 Form. All relevant information required to complete your CAA Application Form is contained within the guide - PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY. Once you have completed and physically signed the relevant sections, please scan and send the completed SRG1320 to:

In order to process your application we need you to send us the following documents in addition to your completed SRG1320:

  • The latest version of your Operations Manual, complete with signature

  • A copy of your Insurance Certificate/Policy Schedule

  • Insurance Compliance Form (available from your Insurance Broker or Underwriter)

  • A copy of your up to date Flight Logs (if possible)

  • A photograph of all aircraft contained within your Operations Manual

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