ICARUS Ambassador - Raymond Hosie

We're delighted to announce Raymond Hosie as our third ICARUS Ambassador! 


Raymond has won our third Facebook photo contest with his outstanding photograph (above) of Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse, Argyll, Scotland.

In return for winning our contest and agreeing to champion the ICARUS course for the next 12 months, he's received a free course place worth £999 and is now on his way to earning a PfCO.

As you'll be hearing a lot more from Raymond over the coming months, we thought we'd introduce him through some questions below.



What drone was used to capture this photo?                                                                        I used a (standard) DJI Phantom 3 Advanced to capture this shot. I always shoot in manual exposure & raw file mode, so that I have full control over the exposure settings, and I also have the histogram visible on the app to use as an aid to manipulate the exposure. I then process the image in lightroom, changing white balance and colour saturation etc... until I'm happy with the shot. Afterwards I export the file to photoshop to fix any blemishes and then add a final sharpen to the image before proceeding to the final export.

What other drones do you fly?                                                                                               In addition to the Phantom 3 Advanced I have a tiny Hubsan x4 which I use in the house when it's too wet or windy to fly outside. It is great as the practice helps to keep your co-ordination and reactions sharp when flying.

Where are you based?                                                                                                            I am based in Campbeltown, Argyll on the Kintyre peninsular. It's very beautiful, dramatic and a pretty remote part of Scotland! Although it is a fair jaunt to get there, the scenery more than makes up for it.

What grew your interest in drone technology?                                                                   I've always been a bit of a gadget man and I've owned several different types of R.C vechicles over the years. Then when I came across the DJI Phantom and It's many capabilities I was hooked! A gadget that flies and also has a brilliant camera was ultimately my dream come true and I had to get one.

What’s the most exciting/interesting thing you’ve photographed/filmed from the air?   I'd have to say the shot that won the contest, as it was the most daunting one I've taken. This part of Kintyre is famous for its' dramatic and sudden weather changes, as it lies at the head of Channel to the Irish sea. It is well known for its' unforgiving wind and tides, so sending my tiny little quadcopter out over the edge of the cliff was very nerve-racking, but ultimately very rewarding!

How long have you been flying unmanned aircraft (including model helicopters etc.)?        I bought my first R.C Aircraft 5 years ago; which was a ESky Honey bee V2. It is a great little aircraft that taught me how to fly heli's.  It was easy to tinker about with and I lavished it with trick upgraded parts. Ultimately, I found it a little too light to fly reliably outdoors in typically breezy Scottish weather! I then moved on to the smaller indoor heli's and quadcopters and then gradually building up in size and complexity until owning the DJI Phantom. 

What do you plan to do once you gain your PfCO?                                                       I currently do photography on a Semi-pro basis (as it's not really busy enough in this remote location to do full time), by having the ability to add aerial photography & videography to my portfolio this could really help me move forward; with the goal of being a full-time professional photographer and videographer. 

Do you have a website?                                                                                                      My website is: http://www.raymondhosiephotography.com/