Ryan has won our fifth Facebook photo contest with his outstanding photograph of Stallington Hall, an abandoned psychiatric hospital. 

In return for winning our contest and agreeing to champion the ICARUS course for the next 12 months, he's received a free course worth £999 and is now on his way to earning a PfCO.

As you'll be hearing a lot more from Ryan over the coming months, we thought we'd introduce him through some questions below.

 What drone was used to capture this photo?

The drone I used to capture my photo was the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, which is the only drone I own at the moment.


What other drones do you fly?


Where are you based?

I am based in Lancashire.

What grew your interest in drone technology?

I first became interested in drones having seen their popularity grow over social media, allowing us to explore places never seen (or flown near) before. I started out with a very basic quadcopter and learnt the basics before purchasing the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

What’s the most exciting/interesting thing you’ve photographed/filmed from the air?

This has to be the abandoned Stallington Hall Psychiatric Hospital site, which was my competition entry and winner. The building itself is home to a lot of history, and there was a rather creepy feel given off, even many feet overhead! The building itself is beautiful, and it was a shame to see how time and acts of vandalism had taken its toll on the structure.

How long have you been flying unmanned aircraft (including model helicopters etc.)?

I have been flying for around a year now, which includes my previous starter drone and my currently owned DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

What do you plan to do once you gain your PfCO?

I plan to continue to fly in some interesting locations, as well as completing some commercial work and assisting local groups and businesses.

Do you have a website?

My website is in the process of being built, however I do have my Facebook page, which is:  www.facebook.com/thenorthdrone