Our spotlight on emerging talent.

We are always in search of up-and-coming operators and photographers.

Drones have opened up a new creative world of possibilities and perspectives.
And we are looking to find and showcase the best new artists.
These artists will be our ICARUS Ambassadors.

In return for championing Fly ICARUS, our ambassadors will receive a free* ICARUS course (worth £999)!
We will ask for one blog post a month, to be featured on this website and our social media.

This Months Ambassador

Our April winner is Ivan Todorov of The Circus in Bath

Our April winner is Ivan Todorov of The Circus in Bath


SUBMISSIONS - OPEN Now until 19th May

Please vote for your favourite photos on our page by

12pm, Monday 1st May

How to enter the contest.
Day 1-14: Upload your best aerial photograph to our facebook page.
Day 15-28: Compete for the most 'likes' & shares of your photo.
Day 28: Winner from top 3 chosen & announced by ICARUS staff.
Terms & Conditions
*offer does not include insurance, operations manual & CAA issuing fee.
Should you win, you are agreeing to champion the ICARUS course, and provide one blog post per month for one year, on subjects of your and our choosing for us to share on our websites and social media. You may only enter a particular photo once; you must enter a different photo to participate in another contest. If you enter multiple images, the first (and only one) will be entered unless you request otherwise. All photo and video entries must be captured in accordance with the host countrys laws, regulations and the CAA. Aerial Motion Pictures reserve the right to disqualify any contestant who appears to have recieved their votes illegitimately or under any suspicion of foul play. (This includes paying for likes and/or shares) This competition is not open to current PfCO (formerly PfAW) holders or previous Fly ICARUS Candidates. All copyright remains with the content creator. All images received after submissions have closed will be entered into the following months contest. The Fly ICARUS Training can only be completed in Oxford and the prize worth £999 cannot be exchanged for the cash worth, even if the winner has already completed their training. The Fly ICARUS Training cannot be exchanged for another course; Night Approval or Photography courses. Please contact us if you have any questions.