2 Comma Club - Launch Application

Thank you for your interest in the all new ‘2 Comma Club’!

As we discussed at the launch event, we’re looking for an initial cadre of 24 people, our ‘Founding Members’, to help launch the product and test the process, training and methodologies that we’ve proven over the past 5 years - we can’t wait to help you grow and thrive in the drone industry too.

We’ve got more than 180 people who have already expressed an interest in being part of the ‘Founding Members’ group, so be sure to get your application in ASAP, in order to be considered.

Applications will close at 2100 BST on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

What’s included:

  • A 6 week, online training course with weekly content releases and ‘homework’ at the end of each week’s training which will help facilitate you as you move forwards.

  • 2x 2 Hour ‘round-table’ training sessions with Matt Williams and 11 other ‘2 Comma Club Members’. This will allow you to time to ask questions and learn from the dialogue within the group. Founding Members will have their initial round table event 3 weeks into the training programme and the final one in the week, following the completion of the course.

  • 12 months access to the ‘2 Comma Club Members Area’ which will include full recordings of every round table session and exclusive, ongoing marketing tips and advice from Matt Williams, worth £600ea.

How much does it cost?

The big question - how much is it going to cost?!

  • 6 week online training course - Value = £997

  • 2x 2 hour ‘round table sessions’ - Value - £600/ea = £1200

  • 12 months access to ‘2 Comma Club Members Area’ - Value = £10,800

Total Value = £12,997

Founding Member Price = £599inc

Application Form

Ready to apply? Complete the form below and we’ll take a look!

Applications close at 1700 BST on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

We will notify the 24 ‘Founding Members’ that their application has been successful by 1700 BST on Friday 26th April 2019 at which point, payment will be due in full within 7 days to secure your place.

The current plan is for the first week of online training to begin the week commencing 1st June 2019, dates for round-table events will be confirmed as soon as the initial course dates are finalised!